Yuri Pochekin was born on March 12, 1948 in Grozny. At the age of 6 he begun studying violin with Sergei Klimashevsky, and under the guidance of Alexander Polyanitchenko, a violin maker from Vladikavkaz,  Yuri  had made his first instrument by the age of 16  .
In 1964 Pochekin entered the Gnessins’ Moscow State Musical College, where he studied with S.Mikityansky. After graduation the talented violinist became a student at the Gnessins’ State Musical-Pedagogical Institute (now – Russian State Academy of Music) in the classes of two famous musicians -  M.Fikhtengoltz and L.Zaks. With the same enthusiasm he studied string quartet under the guidance of the Borodin Quartet’s first violinist Rostislav Dubinsky. Yuri learned the art of violin-making by attending extracurricular activities of the well-known master Boris Gorshkov.

The first success came to the young master in 1974, at the 4th USSR Luthiers’ Competition where he was rivaled by the more experienced professionals. At the time the 26 -year-old debutant’s violins "La Marseillaise" and "Prelude" won the 1st and the 2nd prizes. As the most talented and promising young master Yuri was directed by the Ministry of Culture to training in Italy, in Cremona, home of the great Stradivarius, Guarneri and Amati. From 1974 to 1976 he studied at the Stradivarius Institute of violin-makers, where his teachers were Francesco Bissolotti and Giobatta Morassi. Exploring traditions and secrets of the great Italians had a decisive influence on the creativity of Y.Pochekin, and the final result of his professional development training was his internship in Prague in 1980, with the famous Přemysl Spidlen. During these years, the young master was actively involved in the USSR’ and international competitions, where he achieved excellent results. Twice his violin was included in final audition of the Wieniawski International Competition in Poznan, and in 1979 in Cremona at the 2nd A.Stradivarius International Competition, which was attended by about 400 instruments of 193 artists from 23 countries, his viola won a bronze medal.
In December 1999, in Seville (Spain), the 1st International Competition named after Jose Contreras took place, where Y.Pochekin won a landslide victory. He was awarded the two top prizes - for violin and viola, as well as receiving two special awards – for the best sound and the best artistic craftsmanship.

From 1987 to 1990 Y.Pochekin was the President of Luthiers’ Association of  the Musical Society of  the USSR. Now to date he has made about 300 instruments, violins, violas and cellos played by a lot  of musicians from different countries including his own children Ivan Pochekin (Youtube) and Mikhail Pochekin (Youtube). In his work he uses only the best mature materials: Italian spruce and mountain maple.  His own original varnish varies from golden to orange-brown and allows to fully manifest the beauty of the tree structure. Pochekin is known as a talented restorer of unique musical instruments of the past. More than a thousand of vintage instruments, including masterpieces by Stradivarius, Guarneri, Amati, Guadagnini, Vuillaume were restored by him....
Yuri Pochekin generously shares his vast experience, knowledge and intuition with his students; with  winners of national and international competitions amongst them.
Y.Pochekin is a member of the Violin makers’ Union of Russia, the Spanish Association of professional violin and bow masters and is a member of the International Union of violin and bow masters (ENTENTE INTERNATIONALE DES MAITRES LUTHIERS E ARCHETIERS D’ART). As an expert he used to be a member of various expert committees, such as the State Expert committee at the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, and many others. For many years he participated in the jury of the national and international competitions, including those of Henryk Wieniawski in Poznan and the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow.